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How to join

Click on the [Sign Up] link and complete the form in order to create your account. Once your account is created, you can immediately benefit from our membership privileges such as discounts and reward credits. Also, it saves you all the hassle of filling out your billing and shipping information every time you place an order since you can save your information securely on our site.

How to order

Order is processed as below:
Step 1: Search for products.
Step 2: Add products to your shopping cart.
Step 3: Log in with a member ID or non-member order.
Step 4: Fill in the order form.
Step 5: Proceed with payment.
Step 6: Complete the order and you will see the order number.


We accept the following forms of payment:
- Credit Card
  - Visa
  - MasterCard
  - American Express
  - Discover
- PayPal


  • Shipping Method : Parcel Service
  • Shipping Area : A Region.
  • Shipping Rate : Conditional Free : AED 10 will be charged for shipping, if your order amount is less than AED 150.
  • Delivery Time : 1 - 30 days
  • 지역별 배송 안내

    [아부다비]  월, 화, 수, 목, 금, 토 (주 6회)
    - 당일 배송에 대한 주문은 오전 9시에 마감되며, 이후 접수된 주문은 익일 배송 됩니다.

    [두바이] 월, 화, 수, 목, 금, 토 (주 6회)
    - 오전 9시 이후 접수된 주문은 오후 3시 이후 배송 됩니다.
     또한 오후 1시 이후 접수된 주문은 익일 배송 됩니다.

    [샤르자] 월, 화, 수, 목, 금, 토 (주 6회)
    - 당일 배송에 대한 주문은 오전 9시에 마감되며, 이후 접수된 주문은 익일 배송 됩니다.

    [라스알카이마, 아즈만] 매주 토요일 배송

    [르와이스 및 그외 지역] 정기 배송 없음. 문의 주세요

    매주 일요일은 휴무 입니다.
    AED 150/- 이상 구매시 무료 배송.
    최소 주문 금액 미만시 배송비 부과. (AED 10/-)

Returns & Exchanges

상품 교환 및 반품에 대한 문의는 왓츠앱 또는 아래 번호로 연락 주세요.
+ 971 4 835 8048


It takes 3-5 business days to issue a refund for a returned or cancelled order.
Please be advised that your refund may not be processed until the next billing month depending on your credit card issuer's billing schedule.


Pending period for reward store credit:
Your reward store credit issued from orders will be added to your account and stay as Pending for 20 days from delivery before validation to compensate time for exchange or returns. Meanwhile, you are free to spend your available store credit balance.

If you pay for your order with store credit, you are required to spend a minimum store credit of #min_mileage.”
The maximum store credit you can spend on one order is “max_mileage.”

Cancellation of store credit:
Pending credit issued from orders will be automatically cancelled on cancellation or return of the relevant order. Your store credit will be cancelled if you close your account. Also, your store credit will expire if there is no newly issued store credit for three years.

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